Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 10

What's your word count?


  1. My WC today is 2486 and I'm thinking I will take the rest of the day to do blogs and read.

    My total 33527. Cannot believe how I put my mind into that novel!

    Good luck to everyone else!


  2. 16k+ but I had to take a break from the WIPs to write a synopsis (or 2)

  3. Ack! Is it 10 days already. Crap. I'm way behind but trying to get back on track. 1325 for tonight and hope to see at least that much every day going forward. Amazing numbers you people are pulling. Wow!

  4. I got to work this morning for a bit, but then this evening I had new copy edits in my inbox for the Berkley antho I'm in, so that took priority since the book already has a release date. I wrote about 1000 words of a guest blog post too, but I'm not really counting that - other than that it took up some of my writing time, LOL

  5. Although I do love doing guest posts on blogs. I really do, it's fun meeting new people. Okay brownie time then bed time!

  6. 234 for the day. Yesterday was just made of fail. Hoping for better today. Am way behind, but still moving forward.