Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 4

What's your word count?


  1. I am guessing around 8500 which is AWFUL but I spend a lot of time getting my writing house in order at the begining of the month and we have not had any weekends yet. =) I am making all my lists of goals for the month today, so should be golden after that.

  2. Finally whipped this scene that was giving me fits into shape. But only added 437 words (and took out quite a few.) Sitting at 2400 for the four days so far, which is not good. Will have to kick butt this weekend and get back on track.

  3. Today I had to write my advice column, then I had to cut a really fabulous scene from my ms which doesn't fit the new direction I have to take it. With every scene I cut I need to add one to replace it, but I'm thinking I need to wait until everything is cut. Kinda confusing. And since I'm no where near done, a bit overwhelming, LOL. Wish I was writing all new stuff but I've got a deadline, sigh.

    Everyone's kicking butt though!

  4. I'm now halfway through editing this book, but I still need to add another, oh 4-6K words of good emotional conflict.

  5. I wrote 2k today. Since August 1 I've written 9k. First time updating here. LOL!

  6. Way to go on awesome progress everyone! Shoshanna, that is awesome! You are are working so hard on your edits. When you say you are adding more words of emotional conflict--are you creating new conflicts for the characters or simply reinforcing ones that were already there? I'm always curious about other's processes!

    I got 148 today BUT I can finally see how the ending in this story will happen. I think. Considering I'm down to that final 10-15%, that's a very good news. So good day plotting wise, bad day word count wise. In laws still in town and baby still not sleeping enough.

  7. COngrats to all on kickin' but today!

    For the 4th I managed 1390 and got my characters through a love scene thats about 3k! WOOHOO

    It was my son's birthday but we are celebrating today and going out as a family. I'm up now so I can get at least 2k on WIP.

    S.Lira aka Michaelm/Rawiya/BL

  8. Hi all! I'm late chiming in, I know. The past four days I've been slowly working on getting into the writing mode again after a couple of difficult months. I actually made my 1300 wc for 8/4, but I'm still 1826 words behind. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up and continue making the daily wc. It'd be nice to be 2/3 the way done with my story by the end of the month.
    C.R. Moss

  9. Wow, everyone's doing great!

    Amy, glad you're joining us on the blog!

    Chance (um, what's your name anyway? LOL) - my agent accepted the book I wrote for May50K, and sent it to an editor who asked me to revise and resubmit. The revisions involve taking out a bunch of stuff that took away from the central conflict (the romance) and introducing deeper emotional conflict. It's taking a lot of work, but I'm excited by how it's shaping up.

  10. (I'm Bethany BTW--my twitter feed now has my name attached, but I haven't done it here. I should)

    Congrats on the R&R--that's a great step. As I finish & revise my own May50K (and uh, yeah, it's taking the Aug40K to finish it, but it's a 75,000 word target & I'm in spitting distance of it now), I'm really honing in that emotional conflict and finding ways to SHOW it. I think figuring out how NOT to say "she felt . . ." etc is the heart of great romance, but man it's hard. I'm glad you are so excited! Your excitement is contagious and I'm hopeful this will yield a fast sale on the rewrites for you! You are assembling such a diverse portfolio! Very excited for you!