Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 7

It's been a week! How are you doing so far with the August 40K challenge? Are you on track? Will you need to do some catching up?

What's your word count?


  1. I just did my catching up! Almost 6,000 words today to bring me up to 9,400. Whew. Back on track! :)

  2. 2590 for the day. I'm done. It puts me ahead for my novel which I'm aiming to finish by the tenth. Then I can start on my next novella and a couple of shorts.

    WTG Jessica!

    @rawiyamikembl S.Lira aka Michael M/Rawiya/BL

  3. Wow that's amazing! You guys are kicking Aug40K butt! I originally planned Aug40k so I could get two 20K novellas written, but when I got back this extensive revise & resubmit letter that kind of had to be re-prioritized, LOL

    My new goal is to have this ms completely revised by the 15th and then write one 20K novella before the month is over.

  4. I have done absolutely nothing for four days. Well, not nothing, some minor tweaks, and I did some research for some details and incorporated those. Maybe added about 150 words total.

    I'm stuck. I have to wrap up this plot and I can't get it together. A few days ago, I had a vague idea of what I want to do, but if I do that, it raises a whole bunch of questions - like, the hero can't just abandon his original goal, can he? I mean, I know he can, but I don't think it fits quite right here.

    I do have a love scene I need to add, and now that everyone is finally home for this night and the house is quiet, I may just do that and let the plot issues stew a little longer.

  5. I started at 11k in my WIP and I'm currently at 21k. I was hoping to be at 25k, but I took a couple days off. I know, bad me. I just needed the break.

    So my week total is 10k. Not bad.

  6. And I just heard from one of my editors at another house that I have some revisions to do on a different manuscript that's already contracted.

    I'm dying to write something new, as well, though. I'm going to just have to figure out a way to do everything at once.