Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 9

What's your word count?


  1. About 800 so far (I'm awake at night, and I have to guesstimate cuz I write longhand). And that's just cuz I'm outside and it was dark and writing by laptop light is painful...but the sun has come and I am raring to go hard!!!

  2. 3k tonight. I'm officially at the 1/2 way point of my WIP. WOOT!

  3. Woot congrats to to you both!

    My WC for Tues 8/9 was 4543.

    I was hoping to finish the WIP but I finally ran out of steam and went to bed.

    I'm up now to try finishing my novel.

    S.Lira aka Michael Mandrake

  4. Way to go Amy! The halfway point feels awesome! And Michael--that's an awesome word count.

    I got 1,802 for the day. Feels amazing. Is it wrong to be relieved that the in-laws are on the way home? Love them, I really do. And I got this today on a day that I spent far too many hours and dollars dealing with a plumbing emergency, so go me :)

  5. Way to go guys! I spent an hour editing last night. I'm starting to worry I won't be finished with this by the 15th since I'm working as an RN this weekend. And my editor at Ellora's Cave just asked for some revisions on a different ms.

    If I do another challenge in September, would you guys be up for it? Perhaps a 1 week challenge?

  6. I forget what I got for the day... but am somewhere over 12k now. Going to get busy here in a bit! :)