Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Final Day: Day 31

WOOT!!!! We did it! Well, we made it to the end of the month, anyways. Hopefully with a lot more words, perhaps even a completed first draft of something under our belts.

I'm so glad you all joined me this month in the August 40k word challenge. Writing massive word counts on self-imposed deadlines is always much more fun with friends :)

What's your word count? Did you meet your goal?

What's your plan now?


  1. It's the last day. Aug40K didn't go as planned for me, mainly because a bunch of previously written manuscripts suddenly needed revisions or edits, something I hadn't counted on when I organized this. I spent over two weeks editing a revise & resubmit for an editor, then had smaller edits on an already contracted book, then two more short stories for anthos came in with copy edits to be done.

    Ultimately, if I'd pushed harder, I probably could have gotten more new words written. I feel like I screwed up my own challenge, LOL. But a lot of work did get done this month, and I even have a new release (SNOWED IN WITH THE TYCOON) available on Amazon now to show for it.

    Thank you to everyone for joining me. Let's do it again soon!!

  2. It was a good month Shoshanna

    I ended up with 3564 on the last day bring the one month total to 85101.

    I swear the looming deadlines worked. I subbed my 2 novella, 2 shorts now I'm waiting on word for all four. :D WOOT!

    Thanks for issuing the challenge. My brain might be fried but I'm really happy with all that I did. The constant twitter support helped.

    :D Congrats on all that you accomplished!


  3. WOW Michael, you absolutely rock.

    And you, Shoshanna, I don't feel like I can thank you enough. I get almost teary thinking of how much May and August challenges have meant to me. I finished a MS for the first time in 4 years. I entered two contests, with a third coming this weekend. I wrote a synopsis and I did first chapters in two different MS to pick which to go forward with. You helped me prove to myself that I CAN do this, something I'd lost faith in big time. You are amazing. ANYTIME you want to do another challenge, even informally, I am ALL IN.

  4. Thank you so much :)

    Let's do an informal September challenge on Twitter, using the hashtag #9goal (the 9 stands for Sept). It's whatever goal you set for yourself - just make sure you state what the goal is clearly so you know if you met it at the end of the month. We won't do the blog, just Twitter.

    My #9goal is to finish How To Write Hot Sex and have it ready for sale before I leave for Romanticon Sept 29th.