Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 17

What's your word count?


  1. 1,042 yesterday. 2,120 today. I'm within 6 scenes of "the end" and all I need is time :)

    Hope everyone is writing and beating the heat.

  2. Great job!

    I did manage 3147 on the novella i'm working on.

    I'm on pace to finish it by Sunday which is awesome!

    :) Good luck to everyone else.


  3. I'm hoping to have revisions done on Bedhead, my upcoming Ellora's Cave book, soon. Maybe tomorrow even. Then I have a story I started that needs to be subbed to an anthology by September 1st.

    And then I need to write the intro and my essay for the non-fiction book I'm editing, How to Write Hot Sex!