Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of our August 40K challenge! We need to write 1300 words a day for the next 31 days to meet the goal.

This challenge is about getting words written - first drafts, not polished finished products. Don't worry about getting it perfect, just get it done, and revise later. You can't revise a blank page!

Since I don't want to spend too much time writing blog posts when I should be writing my manuscript(s), all I'll post each day is "What's your word count?" - and you guys answer in the comments. If you're having problems or need help let us know!

Ready? Set... GO!


  1. I've already hit the word goal today! But that's on the collab, and I plan on using this to get back to my official WIP. We'll see how refreshed I am for it :D

  2. Great Maddie!

    I've got major revisions to do on my May50K book for an editor. I have to write a lot of new words as part of these revisions, but I won't be able to keep track/count them unfortunately since it will be too distracting.

    So my goal is going to be to edit the whole book by August 15th, and the write a complete 20K novella in the last 15 days.

  3. Sounds good to me! Editing words always feel like they count more, anyway; even just typing stuff up is a chore, 'cause I already created these darned worlds! I should get to be free now! :)

  4. Okay, I've edited the first chapter of the book, completely revised it per the editor's notes. That's 4800 words. :)

  5. I was up at 5:45 this morning to write before the rest of the house woke up. I managed 1100 words. Not much else got done today on my wip. But I'll try for more tomorrow morning!

  6. Okay, I'm in! Can't figure out why I can't log in and post at work, but at least I'm here. I'm going to use this month to wrap up my revisions on my medieval capture/bondage/forced seduction/menage story. If I get them done by the end of next week, I'll be focusing on wrapping up the first of the 2-book sci-fi series as well to finish off the month.

    I totally lucked out today - first day back from my vacation, and both my bosses are on vacation this week! So I hit 2995 as far as new words today, and managed to edit about 75 pages. I'm back at it again tonight - nothing new, though, just more edits. I'm shooting for another 15-20 pages tonight to be satisfied.

    And it looks like we're all off to a decent start! Love to see that!

  7. By the way, Shoshanna, I meant to mention what I do to keep track of how much I've added during revisions - since adding and deleting a few to a couple hundred or so words in various places is a bitch to keep up with. I keep a spreadsheet with the date, start word count, end word count, and Excel totals it for me. For the most part, I really only need to add the latest word count at the end of the session, since the end number should be the start number for the next day.

    I work with spreadsheets at the day job all day long, so creating and keeping them for all aspects of writing has now become second nature - actually it's more like I'm now obsessed with having a complete set for every book/series. lol

  8. No chance of following that last comment and not sounding like a slacker. No time to write at work and got sidetracked by a phone call this evening. Phone literally rang the moment I put my butt in the chair.

    I did manage 737 words and got past a sticking point. Scene turning out much better than expected. I'll shoot for 2K tomorrow to catch up.

    This is my Single Title Contemp I plan to enter in the GH. I was sitting at 20K as of yesterday so goal is to have 60K or better by month end.

    Thanks again for doing this.

  9. I'm deleting huge chunks, so I may delete 1K and then write 400 new words, so I'll end with a lower word count than I started with even though I wrote new words, LOL. So I'm just going to get the book's revisions finished and then write a new novella.

    Everyone's doing great!

  10. Going to give this a shot. If I can do this, then I have no more excuses.

    Day 1 = 1380 words. Mostly crud, but words all the same.

  11. You can revise "crud" later - you can't revise a blank page! Glad you're joining us!

  12. Just saw this page now, so I'm starting on Day 2. I need a kick in the pants to write the last 3 chapters of a manuscript I'm finishing. It will be around 80k total when I'm done. Good luck to everyone! =D

    Nocturnal Readings

  13. The words are never as great or as awful as what we think at the time!

  14. 4987 for me on Day 1

    Congrats on the great job everybody

    @rawiyamikembl on twitter
    Author Sharita L aka Michael M/Rawiya/BL

  15. I'm a little late posting yesterday's count. Only wrote about 583 new words - need to keep better track. Going to try Gianna's idea. But I went back over the first 10 pages of my WIP - and it's better for it. :-)

  16. 4827. I always tend to crank at the very end of a book. Book that was due today is done. Now on to the one due Sep. 1.